Jerry Hall

If you ask your parents, they’ll tell you Jerry Hall was the beloved wife of the rockstar Mick Jagger (yes, the leader of The Rolling Stones). The song “Miss You” was written for her.

But how did it all began? Well, thanks to her devine beauty, she started as a model - and back in the late 70’s, Mac Keen Jeans discovered Jerry, freshly fiancée to Mick Jagger, and she quickly became Mac Keen Jeans’s muse.

Founded in 1970, Mac Keen Jeans was the very first denim designer collection, leading a whole new generation to a new dress code.

70’s Press

Mac Keen has been talked about many times in the 70’s press, while the world of denim was in its early blossom days, the brand didn’t wait long before hitting the magazines with little to none effort from the PR.

Thanks to its revolutionary “Tight is right” moto, the press from all over the US and in France quickly catched up and showed a particular interest on the young and promising designer jeans brand.

American Rag, Fred Segal & Jeffrey

Mac Keen has returned, for good. Its reboot occured in the beginning of 2014, with special appearance at American Rag and Fred Segal in the west coast.

On the East Coast, Mac Keen is available at Jeffrey in New-York.